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Our services

  • IP voice management

  • Rental of OKI printers with cost per sheet

  • Renting of computers

  • online backups

  • Tailor-made financing

  • We design and assemble the network and the equipment of your company, and do the maintenance.

  • We provide you with the necessary tools for every worker in your company

  • We design the equipment tailored to the needs of each worker

  • We design custom software

  • We do database exploitation

  • We offer you the most suitable software for your company, we install it and configure it

  • Audit and advice solutions for compliance with the LOPD and the LSSI


  • First we will do an analysis of network equipment
  • Then we will identify and repair the internet connection problems
  • We will enable wireless security and encrypt it if necessary
  • We will configure and secure newly installed equipment
  • We will replace defective equipment that causes connection problems
  • We will configure and enable protections and firewall
  • We will install free antivirus package and antispyware
  • Evaluate the existing network and connected computers
  • Install and configure wireless routing
  • Enable security and encryption of the wireless network
  • Configure and secure devices connected to the network
  • Enable printer, file, folder sharing. …
  • Configure / activate the firewall
  • Free antivirus and antispyware installation
  • Service available at home
  • Study of the necessary architecture
  • Optimal network design
  • Wiring, Racks, Hubs, Switchs, Wireless Access Points ….
  • Configuration of the various network services of your company
  • Configuration of user accounts and profiles
  • Configuration of the security of the company
  • Configuring data backups


  • Analysis of data to be protected and backup
  • Enable backup CD-DVD or External Hard Disk support
  • Backup of all files
  • Verification of the integrity of the backup
  • We will make a free diagnosis of your device
  • We will reset your lost password
Repair service
Web Services