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  • We repair your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile … and if you want we pick it up at your home!

  • We optimize your device, we clean it of virus, we update it, we recover data …

  • And everything quickly, effectively and guarantee repair.

  • You can also track the status of your repair at any time from this website.

  • The price of the hour of work is € 45.

  • Repairs of less than € 60 will be made without a previous budget.

  • All our computer or laptop repair services are offered with a closed FREE quote and we also give a 6 month labor warranty, and up to 2 years on the material that is replaced, according to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Prices of repairs and maintenance of your PC or Laptop

Here you have the repair services we offer.

We install software, and we configure it for you. We configure you the mail. We install Drivers. Includes the cleaning of the OS.

Approximate price € 20

Installation of Windows 10, general purpose software (Antivirus, Office Package, etc …) and drivers.

Approximate price € 30

The operating system is formatted and installed. Includes installation of general purpose software (antivirus, office package, internet, etc …) and installation of drivers.

Approximate price € 45

General cleaning of the equipment to eliminate viruses, programs and unwanted files, which produce slowness to the equipment or equipment malfunction.

Approximate price € 30

We save your data, make backup copies and recover data that you have lost or deleted.

Approximate price € 50

Change, configuration, installation of components (Graphic card, WIFI, hard disk, memory, power supply …) Does not include the component.

Approximate price € 30

If your laptop does not receive power from the charger or you have to move the charger to charge the laptop, you have to change the input connector to it. The price includes labor and original connector.

Approximate price € 60

We change your hard drive, either by fault or if it is for expansion. It includes the reinstallation of the Operative System, Drivers and general purpose software. If the disk is not corrupted, it includes data migration. If it is, we give data recovery budget. Does not include the hard drive.

Approximate price € 45

If you do not want to repair your laptop because the budget is very high or because it is very old, we give you the possibility to remove the hard drive, clean it of virus, leave only the valid data and convert it to an external disk by USB so you can use your data from another PC. INCLUDES EXTERNAL BOX 2.5 “

Approximate price € 60

If the keyboard does not work for you, WE will look for a compatible one and we’ll change it for you. New keyboard: € 30 – € 50

Approximate price € 40

If your screen is dark, we may have to change the inverter. If it does not remain standing, the hinge may be broken. does not include piece.

Approximate price € 60

If your screen does not work, or has broken due to a blow, we will change it. Does not include piece.

Approximate price € 45

If your laptop gets too hot, it may have to be removed to clean it. If you have to change the cooling module we would give you a budget without commitment.

Approximate price € 50

  • We also solve the wireless connection problems you have with your devices
  • We give security in the network
  • We configure the wireless printer
  • And everything if you want to your home or office

If you have broken the screen of your smartphone, or tablet we will change it. Screen price according to model.

Approximate price € 30

We update the firmware of your mobile or tablet.

Approximate price € 20

Have you changed your mobile or tablet? We pass on the data.

Approximate price € 30

You can hire a flat maintenance and repair fee. Check our rates!

Custom quality services at the best price
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You can stop by our workshop, or if you want you can request the online service. We will take care of collecting your equipment at the time we agree and we will notify you when we have it repaired. If you want, we’ll return it to your address.

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And we also offer you our Periodic Maintenance Services

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